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       We understand you may have questions about your care, the costs and how it all works.  

  We've compiled a few frequently asked questions.  Of course, if you have specific questions,                                            please feel free to reach out to us.

DOES MY INSURANCE COVER IT?    We accept most insurance, please call us to confirm we accept yours. 

Private insurance coverage and benefits vary by plan. You may be responsible for a portion of care depending on deductible or copayment.  Call us to find out what your specific plan covers.   No insurance? No problem!  We offer low self-pay rates.

  • WHAT IS AN ADJUSTMENT?  The specific application of force introduced to the body with the goal of removing either direct of indirect pressure from the nervous system.
  • DO THEY FEEL GOOD?  Everybody is different, the body gets a lot of relief when adjusted and many report feeling great after being adjusted. 
  • WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT DURING MY FIRST VISIT?   Upon arriving at our office, you will have a few forms to complete, the doctor will perform a series of tests to determine your condition.  A report of findings and treatment plan will be discussed and adjustments thereafter may be scheduled at that time. 

  • WHAT IS THE POPPING NOISE?  Nitrogen and oxygen built up in an encapsulated ligament of the vertebrae. (air bubble)
  • CAN YOU HAVE ADJUSTMENTS IF YOU'VE HAD SPINAL SURGERY?  Yes! A Chiropractors education and specialized training allows him/her to determine specific techniques to use and regions to avoid after surgery.
  • CAN BABIES & KIDS GET ADJUSTED?    Yes! Children who get regular care are less likely to suffer from childhood illness and often recover faster due to the acute nature of their symptoms.                  


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Office Hours are by appointment only.  We reserve the right to charge for appointments cancelled or broken without 24 hours advance notice.