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       We understand you may have questions about your care, the costs and how it all works.  

  We've compiled a few frequently asked questions.  Of course, if you have specific questions,                                            please feel free to reach out to us.

DOES MY INSURANCE COVER IT?    We accept most insurance including Medicare & Medicaid (Mainecare). 

Private insurance coverage and benefits vary by plan. You may be responsible for a portion of care depending on deductible or copayment.  Call us to find out what your specific plan covers.   No insurance? No problem!  We offer low self-pay rates.

  • WHAT IS AN ADJUSTMENT?  The specific application of force introduced to the body with the goal of removing either direct of indirect pressure from the nervous system.
  • DO THEY FEEL GOOD?  Everybody is different, the body gets a lot of relief when adjusted and many report feeling great after being adjusted. 
  • WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT DURING MY FIRST VISIT?   Upon arriving at our office, you will have a few forms to complete, the doctor will perform a series of tests to determine your condition.  A report of findings and treatment plan will be discussed and adjustments thereafter may be scheduled at that time. 

  • WHAT IS THE POPPING NOISE?  Nitrogen and oxygen built up in an encapsulated ligament of the vertebrae. (air bubble)
  • CAN YOU HAVE ADJUSTMENTS IF YOU'VE HAD SPINAL SURGERY?  Yes! A Chiropractors education and specialized training allows him/her to determine specific techniques to use and regions to avoid after surgery.
  • CAN BABIES & KIDS GET ADJUSTED?    Yes! Children who get regular care are less likely to suffer from childhood illness and often recover faster due to the acute nature of their symptoms.                  


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